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Oh, hey! I'm Skylar!

I’m a Colorado wedding photographer who photographs weddings in Colorado Springs, Denver, and all across the state. I'm known for always-smiling, being crossfit-obsessed, and my laidback approach to life. I live in Colorado Springs with my soon-to-be husband and our black kitty cat! You can find us hitting the slopes on the weekends and relaxing with "The Office" or "Friends" on a weekday night.

Being in the spotlight has always made me feel weird--so I’m happy being the wallflower. I've always been the quiet, quirky one, so that's led to my title of Professional Observer. I believe that’s why I love being a photographer, because YOU get to be in the spotlight while I get to capture your wedding or current stage of life. I love to see the things that make people light up, laugh out loud, beam with passion, and photograph that for everyone to see.


Whether it's...

  • The breath of relief when you sink into each other's arms

  • The unstoppable laughter no one else understands (because relationships can get weird).

  • The hugs that stop time.

...the best love stories are the ones that grow within the simplicity and joy in everyday life.


I Believe:

  • Simple is sweet. What makes a wedding magic is YOU TWO!! Details are great, but don’t let them distract you from the purpose of your wedding day. And all your favorite people you get to celebrate with!

  • You don’t have to follow the rules. It’s o.k. to cut out things from your wedding day that don’t fit your vision, even if it’s cutting out traditional things! I know your grandmother makes it seem like it’s make or break, but I promise it’ll be fine! Do what feels right to both of you!

  • Everything should be documented. Keep a record of the life you’re creating! Photos are more than just ways to capture your life. They plant the roots of your legacy; make sure they RUN DEEP.


Where are you located?

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado! So I’m within driving distance to Denver and all mountain areas! Also, I grew up in New Mexico, so I travel back there often.

Do you travel? If so, what fees are expected?

Yessss!! I love to travel! If I can get there by car or plane, then I’ll be there!

In Colorado: Anywhere 3 hours beyond Colorado Springs may require travel fees (hotel + gas). Trust me. Nobody wants me driving back home for three plus hours after an 8 hour wedding day.

In New Mexico: Locations within 2 hours of Clovis, NM will receive a 15% discount on wedding packages! Why you ask? Because that means I also get to see and stay with family. If your wedding is in Albuquerque/Santa Fe or elsewhere in New Mexico  then a hotel + gas fee will be needed.

What’s in your camera bag?

I shoot with a Nikon 610 and a 50mm and 35mm Nikon lenses. For your wedding day I have another backup Nikon 610 camera and will have 1-2 additional lenses depending on the type of wedding (24-70 or 70-200).

I also own a Mamiya 645 film camera and Nikon F100 that you may see me with too! I love shooting film and try to incorporate it as much as I can on a wedding day or at a session.

What’s your experience shooting weddings?

I was lucky enough to get to travel all across Texas to cities like Dallas and Austin, for two years second shooting for a luxury wedding photographer! Working with Becca has given me the confidence to approach a wedding day and know that I am fully capable to handle every situation and to fully serve my couple the best way possible.  For the summer of 2018 I second shot weddings across the state of Colorado and photographed 1 wedding of my own. Prior to this summer I’ve photographed a handful of my own weddings in New Mexico too. In 2017 I had to take a break from photography due to a miserable full time job, but now I am fully pursuing photography and am booking 2019 weddings! I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many talented wedding photographers who have fully prepared me and shown me how to successfully document and serve a couple on one of their happiest days.

What is your booking process?

To book an engagement, portrait, or other session please fill out a contact form. We’ll hop on a short phone call or meet up for drinks or coffee to hear about your love story and vision for your wedding day. Next, I’ll send over a contract and payment information. Typically, payment can be made before the session or is due the day of the session.

To book your wedding I require a 25% deposit along with a signed contract. The remainder of the total cost is due one week before your wedding day. With most of my couples I divide the cost into three or four different payment you pay every few months leading up to the month before your wedding. We’ll chat and decide what type of payment plan works best for y’all!

Do we receive the RAW images from our wedding or session?

Sorry, but no. I take 1000+ photos on your wedding day and the major part of my job as your photographer is to cull and edit those photos to tell the story of your wedding day. Plus, part of why you hire me is for my creative eye and for my style! The final edited photos you receive are the best photos from your wedding day or from your session! I promise I deliver all the photos that I know you’ll want and maybe even some you could care less about. However, if you feel like there’s a photo that I took, but didn’t deliver to you please ask!

It's my mission to bring out the adventure that lies in building a life with the one you'll love forever by illuminating the wild simplicity of YOUR true love story.