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Denver Engagement Photographer. Caree & Arthur’s in-home engagement session is one of my favorites from the past year! When you book an in-home engagement session with me I’ll bring donuts and coffee. It’s always fun to include food props into engagement photos.

There are a few things that made these in home Denver engagement photos run really smooth.

First, their home had a lot of natural light available. This makes choosing place to set-up for your photos super easy. Their space was also clean and clutter free. If there is a lot of extra stuff in the background of your in-home photos it takes the focus of the photo away from you.

Next, they both wore comfy, but casual clothes. When trying to snuggle on the floor, couch, or even a bed, having clothes that makes things easier truly is helpful. Both of their outfits had neutral color palettes which also is a good move for pairing engagement photos. Caree and Arthur started out wearing a sweater and a cardigan to get warmed up and comfortable. I always recommend that couples stick with outfits that are of neutral, earthy, jewel, or of pastel tones. Bright colors can be fun to wear, but can be distracting and overwhelming in photos.

Finally, these were ready to enjoy one another and to have fun! Photo sessions can totally be nerve wracking, but if you’re able to relax and simply focus on each other it makes things more natural and candid when taking photos. Part of my job as a photographer is to set you both at ease and to make sure you always have an idea what you are supposed to be doing. I like to give prompts that keep both of you moving and keep you laughing.

Ok let’s get to the fun part. Enjoy these in-home engagement photos!

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