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Proposal at Sapphire Point Overlook

As a Breckenridge photographer, Sapphire Point Overlook is a popular choice for proposals and engagement photos. This mini-session happened all by chance! After a weekend of skiing at Vail, my husband and I stopped by Sapphire Point Overlook on our drive home.  I wanted to get a few photos of myself there before we headed home. While taking photos, we came across Katy and her family and couldn’t help overhearing that they literally just got engaged. I introduced myself and took some photos of Katy & Zack and with their family just for fun! Keep scrolling to see more photos of this Sapphire Point Overlook Proposal.

If you’re planning to propose while in Breckenridge and are considering Sapphire Point Overlook, here are a few things to know.

  1. Sapphire Point Overlook is super popular! On weekends especially it can busy with people just stopping by for a long walk and to check out the views.
  2. The Overlook section is also very easy to access. It’s a short walk down from the parking area. This also means that lots of people tend to gather at The Overlook spot.
  3. If you plan your engagement photos mid-week it’s usually a lot quieter and not as busy with people.

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