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As a Colorado Engagement Photographer, I always have to be ready to deal with the ever changing weather here. We ended up having to reschedule due to the first engagement session getting rained out. I swear the rain was going to pass, but it kept raining and after about 15 minutes we decided to call it. 

And oh man did the weather deliver for their second engagement session! We went back to one of my favorite engagement photo locations in Colorado Springs. It was a warm evening with blue skies and glorious sunlight. It truly couldn’t have worked out better.  

Colorado Springs Mountain Views Couple smiling at the camera

About The Couple

Brandon and Ashley are both active duty military, so they are used to spending a lot of time apart and try to make the most of the time they have together. They love hiking, cooking, and exploring new places together. They also enjoy testing out the perfect white claw knockoff. 😉

These two easily make each other laugh and turn anything into a fun time together. As you’ll see in the photos, they seriously were laughing and giggling together the entire session! I loved it! It truly made their photos so easy and created a really natural, authentic engagement photo experience.

Couple holding hands and pulling each other in. Colorado Engagement Photographer

The First Date 

Brandon and Ashley’s first date involved Brandon cooking dinner and burning the pasta 3 times because he was so nervous. Humor and laughter is a big part of their relationship together. 

Couple Kissing in the mountains Couple looking at mountain view for photos with Colorado Engagement Photographer. Colorado Engagement Photographer

How He Proposed 

They spent Christmas 2020 with Brandon’s family in Washington D.C. They went into the city that morning and went over to Lincoln Memorial where Brandon proposed. Brandon claims that Ashley was so excited that she forgot to actually say yes!

Couple running with mountains in background Colorado Engagement Photographer Colorado Engagement Photographer Couple kissing with mountains in background.

Colorado Engagement Photo Outfits

On another note, Brandon and Ashley’s engagement photo outfits were perfect. I loved her neutral white shirt paired with Brandon’s long sleeve button down. These colors truly popped out in their vibrant photos. 


Colorado Engagement Photographer

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