COVID-19 and Your Wedding- How to Handle It

COVID-19 and Your Wedding

If you’re reading this I’m assuming coronavirus has somehow impacted your wedding plans or if it hasn’t yet you might be concerned that it will. The impacts of COVID-19 and Your Wedding is something you are unexpectedly having to navigate. 

First, take a deep breath. Yes, really. Big inhale. Big exhale. 

This is a confusing and constantly changing time that we’re in right now. No one could have expected this. 

Here are some things to consider if you’re concerned about your wedding:

Postpone or Reschedule 

Please don’t cancel. While it can be tempting to throw in the towel and say screw it. Don’t. You should celebrate getting married even if it looks different then what you planned and dreamed of.

By now you have likely been in contact with your venue and are hopefully able to reschedule (if you need to). Be open to week day dates like a Thursday/Friday or even a Sunday! 

If your wedding date is in the next few months (June I’m looking at you), don’t rush or freak out about things yet. Make contact with your venue and photographer to check-in with them. Otherwise, plan for things to happen as normal. If things change then you can cross that bridge when you get there! As you know things change really fast, but hopefully will get better.

If your wedding date is towards the last half of the year (think July-Dec) there is no reason to change anything yet! Your vendors are likely dealing with a lot of rescheduling and postponing of other events at the moment. So stick with your date or if you haven’t booked your date yet, now is the time to secure it.

COVID-19 and Your Wedding

Consider Alternatives for Your Wedding

Along with postponing or rescheduling, there are ways to change your wedding to look differently. I have a few weddings coming up that will look different due to the restrictions in place. One is doing a ceremony on their date and a reception later. One is shifting to more of an elopement for their wedding. One is rescheduling to a date later in the year that I’m available.

Consider still having your ceremony with your closest people on your date.  Then schedule a reception with all your family and friends at a later date at your venue!

You can also make your wedding more of an elopement style surrounded by a handful of your most important people. There are a lot of gorgeous places to elope in Colorado, plus CO is a self-solemnizing state

You likely have some tough decisions to make regarding cutting your guest list. Many people will opt not to come anyways due to travel or wanting to keep with the social distancing recommendations.

***Since writing this blog post many states, like Colorado, have put into place Stay at Home orders and popular elopement places like RMNP are closed. Please be aware what the current mandates are for your state or the destination of your wedding. Though it sucks, it is best to make adjustments according to those rules.

Overall, I know this situation is tough and you’re making a lot of hard decisions.

Your vendors are feeling the stress just as much as you are and want to work with you to make it happen. This is our livelihood and we are in it to help you have the best wedding experience possible. Know that I am here to serve you and support you in any way that I can. Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts you have for me. This will pass and you’ll definitely have a memorable story to tell about your wedding!

What am I doing for my 2020 weddings that need to reschedule?

  • Not charging a rebooking fee. Their retainer transfers over.

  • Allowing them to book any 2020/2021 wedding date I have available.

At this time, for 2020 weddings, I am only accepting 7 more full service weddings and 5 smaller elopements. I have a few special offerings for couples booking during this time. To get more information on my available dates and my offerings please get in touch: Get In Touch

At this time, for 2021 weddings, I’m currently booking and have a TON of availability. If you’d like to chat about your vision for your wedding day and to learn what it’s like to work with me as your wedding photographer be sure to click on the button below or make your way to my Contact page.


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