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Photo of Couple at Garden of the Gods

If you’re reading this blog post then you have likely scheduled a Colorado Springs engagement session with me and are now thinking about locations. Below I’ve compiled my favorite Colorado Springs engagement session locations. It’s important to note that my photos focus on you two. I always try to get a handful of great wide, landscape shots, but you two are my focus, not the landscape. The photos you see below are ones that best show the area, so you can get an idea of what it might look like. Turns out a lot of walking photos are great for that!

As you’re considering what location to choose from, here are questions to consider: 

  • What type of landscape are you envisioning? Mountains and trees? Big views? Known landmarks? 
  • What type of outfits are you hoping to wear? What outfits will go best with the scenery and the weather?
  • How much walking and hiking are you truly willing to do? Think about your shoes and the weather.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is by far my most popular location for Colorado Springs engagement sessions. GOG is a known Colorado landmark that is free for the public to visit. I primarily use 2-3 locations within the park that have easy parking and are less crowded than normal. That being said, it’s important to note that I rarely shoot near the “heart” of Garden of the Gods simply because it’s usually filled with people. 

Pros: Well-known location with a variety of great background options (rocks, big views, etc.).

Cons: Sometimes can be busy. Red Rocks create a red tone. Requires some climbing and uphill walking around rocks. 

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Garden of the Gods Engagement Session Engagement Session at Garden of the Gods

Cheyenne Canyon Option 1

This is my go-to location for my mini-sessions and family sessions. It’s a lesser known trailhead in Colorado Springs that offers open grassy areas with mountains in the background and tree coverage for photos too. 

Pros: Usually quiet location with easy parking. Views of mountains in background.

Cons: Will require 5-10 minutes of uphill hiking and walking. 

Colorado Springs Engagement SessionColorado Springs Engagement Session Cheyenne Canyon

Cheyenne Canyon Option 2 

This Cheyenne Canyon location will give a “in the mountains” feel to your Colorado Engagement Session. This location does take some mountain driving on smaller roads and requires a LOT of walking uphill and in gravelish dirt. 

Pros: Perfect if you want “in the mountain” feel with views in the background.

Cons: LOTS of walking.

Mountain Colorado Springs Engagement Session

Ute Park

Ute Park is a lesser known location in Colorado Springs. It offers a meadow, grassy field backdrop for photos. We can hike up into areas with gorgeous white rocks, trees, and awesome mountain views in the background. This location requires a LOT of walking/hiking and has a small parking lot. 

Pros: Different location and views compared to more well-known spots. The white rocks looks gorgeous!

Cons: Get ready to walk uphill and walk around trails with lots of rocks.

Engagement Session in Colorado SpringsLocations for Colorado Springs Engagement Session

Woodland Park

If you’re up for a drive to Woodland Park and to drive up into the mountains beyond, this location near Woodland Park has some of most epic views within close distance of Colorado Springs. The water location nearby is great for variety during warmer parts of the year too. 

Pros: Epic views. Very in the mountains feel.

Cons: Drive to Woodland Park plus an additional 20 minutes outside on dirt, mountain roads.

Engagement Session in Woodland ParkWoodland Park Engagement Session

Red Rocks Open Space

Right across the highway from Garden of the Gods is Red Rocks Open Space. This spot has a variety of backdrop options. We can get photos with the mountains in the background. There are spots that give you a “in the trees” feel. This location has a lot of red rocks around too. This spot requires a LOT of walking up and down trails. P.S. you’ll notice these photos are edited in a lighter style from a few years ago. 

Pros: Variety of backdrops with red rocks, lots of trees, and views with mountains in background.

Cons: LOTS of walking here.

Engagement Session at Red Rocks Open SpaceRed Rocks Open Space Engagement Session

These are the main spots I use for engagement sessions in Colorado Springs. That being said, I always love checking out new places, so if you two have a spot that is special to you both or you’d like to check out for your photos then please suggest it! In need of an engagement session while you’re in Colorado Springs? Get in touch via my contact form or shoot me an email at

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