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As a Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer, I have a handful of go-to places for engagement sessions. This quiet park is one of them! The park features gorgeous white rocks and gives an “in the trees” feel. Nearby is an open field that is perfect for golden sunset photos.

About the Couple

Anne and Sean both go to the CrossFit gym I coach at here in Colorado Springs. After they got engaged a few months ago, they asked me to take their engagement photos.  Their engagement session was such a breeze and so full of laughter! 

In a pre-engagement questionnaire I like to ask my couples what some of their favorite things about each other and/or their relationship are: 

Anne said, “I love Sean’s positive energy and how he is such a happy and fun person to be around. I love how much fun we have with each other regardless of what we are doing!”

Sean says, “I love all the adventures we go on and how supportive we are of each other and our goals. I love her smile and her laugh.”

Their Garden of the Gods proposal story brings a smile to my face, so I’m going to share it with you too.

Anne wrote in the questionnaire, “I knew Sean flew home to ask my parents and I thought he was going to propose the day he did. He suggested we go on a sunrise bike ride in Garden of the Gods. Sean NEVER plans anything so I thought it might be it! While it was absolutely beautiful, it was freezing! We biked around for like 30 min and I was complaining about being cold and he said we aren’t done yet. We stopped right as the sun was cresting and he proposed. It was worth freezing my butt off for! Sean wants to add he thought his trip to PA was secret, but Anne in Anne-fashion completely ruined the surprise by looking at his location on her phone.”

When it came to picking their outfits for engagement photos, Anne said thinking of, “What would we wear for a date night” was helpful. They chose outfits that looked super natural to them and of course worked for the location we used! 

Ok I’ll let you get to the good part-the photos. Enjoy!

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