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Imagine getting to take wedding photos at the Bellagio in Las Vegas during the fountain water show. Sounds gorgeous right?! For this couple’s wedding portraits we ended up at The Bellagio at the right time to do just that. 

Wedding Photos at Bellagio Fountains Water Show

Entrance to Bellagio

Brian and Michelle decided to get married in Las Vegas this spring. They were ready to say “I do” and celebrate with their friends and family, so Las Vegas was an easy place to make that happen. My husband works with Brian, so when they invited us to their Las Vegas wedding it was an easy yes.

They had their wedding ceremony at a local Vegas Wedding chapel, but they were down to spend some time doing wedding portraits with me. The spot they requested was the Bellagio and it was absolutely stunning. We started their photos right in front of the Bellagio hotel. 

Wedding couple holding hands at the Bellagio Wedding Photos in front of the Bellagio

Wedding Photos During the Water Show

Unintentionally, we arrived at The Bellagio in time to catch the daily water show at the Fountains of the Bellagio. As the fountains started going off, I told Brian & Michelle to watch and take it in. “This Kiss” by Faith Hill was playing and the fountains were soaring water into the sky. It was magical. 

Wedding Photos at Bellagio Water Show Wedding Photos at Bellagio Water Show Bride at Bellagio Water Show Wedding Photos at Bellagio Water Show

Las Vegas Wedding Photos

Las Vegas is always a busy city with people out at all hours of the day. Despite being out on a busy day, somehow we were able to have a lot of space while taking their photos. People were also nice enough to rush by or to stick to the edges which made things easier too.  

After the water show was done we spent a little more time taking photos along the water in front of The Bellagio. Michelle and Brian are so in love and comfortable with each other that they made my job super easy.

Bellagio Wedding Photos Wedding photos at the Bellagio 

Once we felt good with portraits, we headed back to Mandalay Bay where we were all staying. They had reservations at The Foundation Room for their wedding reception, so we headed up there and hung out with their family and friends the rest of the night. 

Wedding Photos on Las Vegas Strip View of the Strip from the Bellagio

Though that was my first time taking wedding photos in Las Vegas, I would absolutely travel back to photograph another wedding or Las Vegas elopement!

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