What to Blog as a Wedding Photographer: 3 Types of Posts

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Aren’t sure what to blog as a wedding photographer? In today’s post I’m sharing three basic blog categories you should be blogging as a wedding photographer. 

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#1 Blog your weddings. 

Posting photos on your social media accounts isn’t enough to help you keep growing as a wedding photographer. Yes, there are photographers who can book a lot of their work from social, but it’s not the case for everyone. In my last post, 3 reasons to blog as a wedding photographer, I talked about how couples want to see examples of full weddings. If you’ve photographed a wedding at a potential couple’s venue it’s one avenue they might find you and can see you have experience at their venue. Maybe a couple found you on social media, but wants to get an idea of what a full wedding day looks like. This is why blogging your weddings is important. It shows your authority in the field and positions you as a wedding photography pro! 

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#2 Blog your engagement sessions. 

Along with wanting to see full wedding days, couples also want to see what a full engagement session looks like. If a couple is on the fence about booking an engagement session, blogging your sessions is a great way for couples to get a glimpse into the experience. It’s also possible that couples already have a wedding photographer, but still might be looking for someone to take their engagement photos. Your engagement session blogs can be a reason someone books with you! 

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#3 Share wedding planning tips and advice.

It’s easy to forget as wedding photographers, that we attend more weddings in a year than most couples may attend in their lifetime! Especially, if this is their first time getting married, couples typically feel overwhelmed and don’t fully know what to expect. As a wedding photographer, you’ve seen a lot! You likely have a list of things you wish couples knew when planning their wedding. And your couples likely come to you with questions or needing advice. Imagine if you could send them a link to a blog post covering those questions, instead of spending 30 minutes typing up the same response over and over again. 

If you’re getting started with blogging, start simple. Start with blogging your work! One blog post at a time. 

Feeling behind on blogging, but don’t have time to add it to your plate? I help wedding photographers with blogging. Head over to my blogging services page to get in touch!

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