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Linnea and Logan planned their Colorado hiking elopement from Wisconsin. Linnea had visited Denver for a girls weekend and fell in LOVE with mountains. At home in Wisconsin, they’re surrounded by cornfields, so they wanted to elope in a beautiful place with a totally different scenery (hello mountains). Linnea reached out to me in early 2020 and started planning their 2021 elopement.

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First, they landed on a date. Next, she found a Colorado airbnb to book. When looking for a hiking trail we tried to find a trail that was a short drive from their Airbnb. Since Linnea & Logan were in Wisconsin, I scoped out a few hiking trails and we went back and forth via email, texts, and calls to find the right spot. This hiking trail was only 15 minutes away. Perfect!

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Colorado Airbnb Elopement

On their wedding day, I arrived early in the morning to photograph them getting ready and some details. For their first look we went out onto the back deck of their cabin. It was the perfect spot! After their first look we hopped in the truck and drove off to the trailhead to start the hike. 

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Colorado Hiking Elopement

Linnea and Logan wanted to incorporate a hike into their wedding. And oh boy did we go on a solid hike. We found a 10 mile hike a short distance from their Airbnb. We would hike for a while then take a short break. A handful of times we stopped for photos of course. The hiking trail led us to a couple different lookout points. When we got to the last lookout point we sat and ate lunch. Then we took some gorgeous photos with Linnea’s dress. They brought mini-bottles of champagne so we popped those which made for fun photos!  Eventually we made our way down the trail back to the car to head back to the cabin where their family was waiting. 

Wedding Hiking Boots Groom with hand on bride's back leading up hiking trail Groom adjusting bride's dress Back of wedding dress and hiking boots Bride and Groom looking at mountains Bride and groom looking at mountain view Bride and groom kissing on top of mountain Bride and groom hugging Bride and groom popping champagne on mountain Bride and Groom kissing in on mountain top Bride and groom touching water in stream Groom holding bride's dress to cross stream.

Elopement Ceremony

When we got back to the airbnb, both Logan & Linnea’s family members were there. They took time to reset, then we went out behind their cabin for their ceremony. With their families watching, Linnea and Logan said their vows to one another. They officiated their own ceremony (self-solemnized) and exchanged rings and kissed. Boom, they were married!

Mom and bride walking from cabin to ceremony Groom and family watching bride walk down aisle Bride and mom walking arm in arm Bride and groom with family at ceremony Bride and groom reading vows Groom reading vows to bride Groom smiling during vows Elopement ceremony in mountain field Groom putting ring on bride's finger Bride and groom first kiss in field

After their ceremony we took family photos. Then we went back to the cabin for dinner. For toasts we went out onto the deck and then they did a first dance in the living room. I took them out for sunset photos once the sun was nice and golden. They wrapped the evening hanging out with their friends and family. 

Bride and groom hugging family Bride and groom holding hands and walking to cabin Sister saying toast to bride and groom Groom's parents saying toast Bride and groom drinking champagne

About the Couple

Linnea and Logan met at an Applebee’s in 2013 and ended up spending several hours together that day. Ever since they have been inseparable. They’ve been together for over 8 years and have gone through a lot of ups and downs like all relationship, but they’ve learned to love each other through each one. They love adventure, the outdoors, and trying new things/places. They always love a quiet day and evening at home too!  At the end of the day they know what is best for each other and are constantly there to remind each other of how far they’ve come in their relationship.

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Planning a Colorado Elopement

Decide to Elope & Book Your Elopement Photographer in Colorado

The first and most important part of planning your Colorado elopement is simply deciding to elope. Once you decide to elope then I recommend choosing a time of year/date range that you’d like to start planning for. Once you have that down then you can start reaching out to photographers to book your Colorado elopement photographer. From there they should help you decide on different locations and guide you through the entire process of planning an elopement. (P.S. Hi! I help couples do exactly that! Get in touch if you’re interested in working with me for your elopement in Colorado. 

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