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Vail Engagement Photographer

Andrew and Andrea were in Vail for a family member’s wedding. They had recently got engaged and wanted to take engagement photos while in Colorado. Andrew and Andrea live in Texas, and are planning a Texas wedding. They took the opportunity to get mountain engagement photos while they could, so they booked an engagement session with me. 

Photo of Shrine Pass

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About the Couple

These two actually grew up down the street from each other and their families were always good friends. They reconnected after college in 2015 at Andrea’s sister’s wedding in Costa Rica. However, it wasn’t until December of 2018 when they actually started dating after running into each other in their parents’ neighborhood. Following their run in, Andrea’s mom threw a “not-so-subtle” dinner party and the rest is history!

The Proposal

Over New Years they took a well-earned vacation post quarantine to Los Cabos. On New Year’s Day Andrew proposed at sunrise overlooking the ocean. Andrea was caught completely by surprise, started crying, and said YES!

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 Planning an Engagement Session in Vail 

Want to know how much time we had to take these engagement photos? 15 minutes. Then the rain started to downpour and didn’t stop. We waited around another hour and drove to a few other spots, but the rain was non-stop in the Vail, Dillon, Breckenridge area. 

15 minutes for an engagement session is definitely not ideal, but we took the time we had and made as much magic as possible! I thought I had a solid idea of how long the rain would stick around (forecast said only a few hours). Turns out the rain had other plans and wanted to hang out all evening. 

When planning a summer engagement session in the mountains you have to keep in mind that weather might have different plans for your scheduled date. Always keep an eye on the weather and think of your backup options. Sometimes that might mean rescheduling or moving the time of the session up or back. Other times you can do your best to plan and the rain still might have other ideas. It happens! Flexibility is important as a Vail Engagement Photographer.

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Mountain Engagement Photos in Colorado

When planning for Colorado mountain engagement photos I always like to share a few tips with my couples: 

  • Be sure to pack comfy shoes or shoes that you can walk in over rocks and up a trail. Most mountain sessions will involve some walking and maybe short bits of hiking. You can always pack cute shoes to slip on once we get to the next photo spot. 
  • It gets cold in the mountains even in the summer. The higher up you go in the mountains the cooler it is. It’s always smart to have a sweater, jacket, and/or rain jacket along with you for the session. 
  • Like I mentioned above, summer weather in the mountains is unpredictable. Coming into your session with a flexible mindset is helpful to all involved!

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