Snow Canyon State Park Couples Photos

Snow Canyon State Park is a location I wanted to check out shortly after moving to Cedar City this past summer. It’s a popular location for photo sessions like engagements, couples, bridals, and elopements! On a rainy Sunday in September, we headed down to St. George to explore Snow Canyon. It was raining the entire drive and I hoped it would clear when we got to the park. It did a little bit, but we still got rained on and I was determined to make the most of it. 

Couples Photos at Snow Canyon State Park

We drove around the park until I spotted where I wanted to do some self-portraits of Brandon and I which was the Petrified Dunes. Eventually, the drizzling rain eased up and I set up my camera. Even on a rainy, overcast day Snow Canyon was stunning and these were self-portraits I took with my camera on a tripod at only one spot! Imagine the potential of photos here when I’m behind the camera instead!

About engagement photos in Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park is located on the north side of St. George. In one park it has so many different looks with the red rocks, white rocks, sand dunes, and more. Brandon and I took photos at the petrified dunes! For future sessions, I’d also love to take photos at the sand dunes, the white rocks, and the Snow Canyon Overlook. 

As a photographer, Snow Canyon does require a permit for photo sessions in the park. They don’t offer single-use permits, but have different tiers for a number of shoots with an annual permit. You do have to communicate with the park when you are planning to schedule a session, so it’s important to take care of that well in advance!

Can you get married in Snow Canyon State Park? 

You can get married in Snow Canyon, but there are some guidelines to know about: 

  • You have to submit your wedding request at least 3 weeks before the date. 
  • Snow Canyon only issues one wedding permit per day! Best to plan ahead!
  • A wedding permit special use fee is $200. 
  • You cannot have more than 50 people or 10 vehicles in your wedding group. 
  • IF your group size is over 25 people (this includes vendors) you can only use the Lower Galoot spot. 
  • I would recommend having your group size be under 25 people so you could choose from more locations like: 
    • Snow Canyon Scenic Overlook
    • Petrified Dunes
    • Sand Dunes

You can find all the details about photo permits and weddings on the Snow Canyon website here

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