3 Reasons to Blog as a Wedding Photographer

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As a wedding photographer, blogging is one of those things you know you need to do. You add it to your always growing to-do list, but you keep putting it off. In today’s post I’m sharing 3 reasons to blog as a wedding photographer.

1. Diversify your reach.

Gone are the days where you can rely solely on social media to bring you solid wedding leads. By diversifying the platforms you are using and posting on, there are more opportunities for couples to find you beyond  a hashtag search on Instagram or stumbling across one of your photos. Instagram and Facebook are incredible places to have an online presence, but your website is the ultimate destination you should want your couples to reach. 

2. Improve your Google SEO. 

Google is a search engine that wedding couples use throughout their wedding planning process. Think about what you look up on Google as a wedding photographer. Your clients also use Google to find their wedding vendors! The first step to appearing in Google search results is to have a website. You want your website to be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). Will your website pop up if potential couples search for wedding photographers in your area? 

This is where blogging can help boost your SEO. If the main pages of your website are SEO friendly that’s step one. To further boost your rankings and appear earlier in a list of search results, this is where blogging can help move you up the listings. Not sure where to start on SEO, check out Google’s starter guide

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3. Establishes your credibility and your authority. 

Blogs are a great opportunity to showcase your work and experience in the wedding world. You can use blog posts to show couple’s you’ve photographed at their venue before. You can use blog posts to reach couples who search for engagement photographers in your area. Blogs are also great for sharing tips and advice with your couples. You can use blogs to answer questions couple’s typically ask such as, “Should we do a first look?” Social media is an awesome way to connect and for couples to find you, but your website gives you another opportunity to show off your experience in the wedding industry and for potential couples to view you as an authority figure. 

I could keep giving you more reasons to be blogging as a wedding photographer, but I’ll save those for another post! 

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